QuotationPro is a very detailed and automated quotation tracking system developed in PowerBuilder and SQL Anyware as database.

The main features of QuotationPro are listed below:-

  1. All quotations entered go through three stages (New, Responded and In Process) before maturity. Quotations at any stage are automatically expired by system if their expiry limits are over.

  2. Any changes made at any stage are logged into the Quotation History for later analysis.

  3. System provides an outstanding way for tracking of any quotation through its Activities Due screen. Which has a number of facilities including:-

    1. Incremental Search by quotation Reference No and Client Name.
    2. Option for filtering quotations by their status i.e. New, Responded, In Process, Matured and Expired.
    3. Ability to mark quotations to be Expired.
    4. Double clicking on its corresponding row or simply by entering its Reference No and pressing the Open button can open any Quotation at any stage.

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