PowerQuiz (Quiz Simulation System)


PowerQuiz is a (MCQ) quiz simulation system that keeps track of all students and their results in different examinations.

The main features of PowerQuiz are listed below:-

  1. It can randomly generates question papers with different questions for all students attending the Even if the two students get a similar question their choices would be different in order with respect to each other.

  2. Students can attempt a question only once in a limited time.

  3. As soon as time limit is over results are shown on screen and saved to database in student's history profiles for later analysis.

  4. Powerful reports effectively reduce the task of Examination Controller.

  5. It operates in two modes Administrator and Student.

  6. In Administrator Mode the user can add new question papers, students and generate students history reports.

  7. In Student Mode the system takes the examination of the student.

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