PowerGL is an integrated General Ledger Accounting System. PowerGL can manage the GL Accounting requirements of any Medium or Large Scale Organization. It provides excellent interface for Voucher Processing of all types of Transaction i.e. Receipts, Payments and Journal Entries.

The main features of PowerGL are listed below:-

Flexible Chart of Accounts

Provides the facility to define a flexible chart of accounts up to 5 levels. These account levels make the chart very modular and highly structured. Accounts are automatically grouped in major accounts types e.g. Assets, Liabilities, Capital and so on. PowerGL automatically copies the essential segments of the new account from the parent account definition, permitting faster creation of new accounts.

Multiple Voucher Types

In PowerGL user can create multiple voucher types of the base types that are Payment, Receipt and Journal.

Account Groups

Accounts can be combined into different logical groups in order to facilitate and ease the selection of accounts in reports. These groups are available in all relevant reports.

Voucher Entry

Voucher Entry interface is very critical in any accounting package. The system provides separate input forms for creating different types of voucher i.e. Payment, Receipt or Journal. So that the user feels no problem while working on different types of transactions.

Checking and Approval

Transactions created in the system can be posted into Ledgers by using either online or batch posting methods. The batch posting method provides the facility for a better control over the transactions before they take any effect in the General Ledger. Separate procedures are implemented into the system for the checking & approval of vouchers so that the organization can assign duties to responsible persons for these tasks. It also provides a better control of management on the accounting system of the organization. PowerGL provides flexibility to correct errors without a series of complex journal oentries, simply 'un post' and 'repost'.

Users and Security

PowerGL has a built in security system to manage the access of the precious corporate data. Only authorized users can create, edit, delete, post, un-post or print a document in the system.

Multi Company and Multi Users

PowerGL supports multiple companies and multiple users. It has a built in network support and thus allow multiple concurrent connections.


All sorts of Cash/Bank Books and Ledgers can be easily produced through PowerGL. The flexible selection parameters including account groups, account ranges and date ranges allow the user to generate any book or ledger, full or partial, at any time. User can open many reports at the same time which is helpful for comparing the results of reports while working online. Reports can also be exported to different formats such as MS Excel, Word, WMF etc. PowerGL has more than 80 built in Reports and some of these are listed below:-

  1. Chart of Accounts
  2. Account Status / Position
  3. General Ledger
  4. Voucher Activity
  5. Trial Balance
  6. Profit & Loss Account
  7. Balance Sheet

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