Traditionally, Business people are used to follow single entry accounting system, which provide them the comfort of having all transaction of the day on the same page. For instance most of small organization's accountants are still using cash book and ledger books to keep track the daily financial transactions.

Though, computerization is sweeping the business accounting, traditional business people and accountants stayed at far from this revolution, because of non-availability of traditional style interface in the accounting softwares.

PowerDevelopers was the first software company, which realized the needs of business environment and created such an Accounting Software and simultaneously added the real power of technology.

This is why! Our customers are very happy while using PowerDayBook which provides the very similar interface to their present manual working.

The main features of PowerDayBook are listed below:-

Easy To Use

PowerDayBook is so simple and easy to understand. An Ordinary Accountant can learn to use it in less than a day. No need to know more about Computers. A person having some accounts knowledge can master this software within No TIME.

Latest Technology

PowerDayBook is built on 32-bit Technology and hence it supports multitasking, multithreading features. Users can also export any report to desired format like Excel, Word etc., so that report can be changed as per the requirement.

Data Security

Access to PowerDayBook is restricted by user id and password. Besides sensitive information could be viewed, printed or changed only by using a special password.

Hassel Free

  1. Automatic Updating of Ledger within seconds.
  2. No month-end closing Routines
  3. No month end procedures.
  4. Make amendments to transactions directly.
  5. Save time and paper.
  6. View all information on screen.

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